About us


Our company was established in 1998 as a family business.

At the beginning we started to produce mostly venerative pine-based wreaths and grave bouquet from high-standard silk flowers.


It was a challenge for us to develope a producing technique that is new in our country. This was a primary role for our company.


First there were two main products at the producing process. Later due to the costumers' need and the result of new improvements we produce 30 different products in 18-20 different colours nowadays. The refinement of the producing technology and the enlarging of the product scale is a process we have been using. Quality, wide colour and type selection and the special petal-colouring technique are the things that make our products individual.


Our company is market leader in Hungary as we are a supplier of 21 Flower wholesale stores, some retailers and we represent ourself on the Flora-Hungária flower wholesale market as well.


There is a chance for our consumers to buy our products in pieces if needed. This is for saving space and it is easier to deliver in contrast with the whole products.


We hope that our indroduction raised your interest and we are waiting for our old and new costumers from the country and so from abroad.